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Introducing our Family Rich New Wave Tee, specially designed for toddlers, blending comfort, style, and a touch of sophistication. This tan tri-blend tee with black print features our iconic FR Family Rich logo on the left pocket with a captivating wave design on the front. Complete with the FR logo on the back top, this tee is perfect for your little trendsetter.

Our Wave Tee is crafted from a tan tri-blend fabric, ensuring both softness and durability. It's gentle on your toddler's skin and perfect for all-day wear. On the left pocket, you'll find our classic FR Family Rich logo with a unique wave design in black symbolizing the flow of life and adventure that toddlers bring to your family. 

At the back top of the tee, our FR logo makes another appearance, making this tee a complete and stylish piece.

Celebrate your toddler's endless energy and love with our Family Rich New Wave Tee. It's a stylish and comfortable choice that represents the flow of life and the joy it brings to your family. Upgrade your toddler's wardrobe today!