Our Story

How it all began – Our way to help the world

Family Rich was founded in 2015 after being nearly a decade-long dream. The home base of the company is in Los Angeles, California and Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, but its heart is worldwide; since the genesis of this company was birthed while the CEO, Stephanie Lynn Salinas was traveling abroad to third-world countries.

We are not rich by what we possess
but by what we can do without

While traveling she witnessed the wealth of love obtained by those who did not have many possessions or the comfort of a steady income. What they did have was laughter, community, affection, and support. That is when she realized that while certain individuals around the world may not have the luxuries that others may have, they have something that in many ways seemed more valuable. They are Family Rich.

Join the movement to spread the importance of
family, friends and love

In 2012, while on holiday in Thailand, Stephanie met Hawaii native Dominic Ahnee. Dominic has an admirable background that includes protecting and serving in the US Air Force and working as a Fire Fighter in Afghanistan and Kona. Dom, a fellow world-traveler, now lends his worldly mind, social connections and design skills in what has become a wonderful pairing. As Creative Director and Partner, he has helped expand the culture and diversity of the brand in a short amount of time.

Moving forward with the premise that you do not have to be related by blood to be family, this brand and movement are felt and supported by people all over the world. In an effort to support the conscious consumer and to simply give back, Stephanie and Dom formed the Family Rich Gives Back foundation. Proceeds from every purchase will be funneled into the foundation and those funds will be used to support various charitable causes in the US and abroad.

“Thank you to everybody who has supported our dream and hard work. I am blessed to be a part of a movement that has changed lives and promotes the importance of love, and I am stoked that we can provide nice products that you feel proud wearing. You all make my heart so full.”

– Gma Steph

“It takes a village to raise a keiki… thank you for helping us grow r baby! 1luv.”

– Dom

We are Family Rich.