FLEX 2 Baseball Tee

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Introducing the Family Rich FLEX 2 Toddler Baseball Tee - a stylish and comfortable addition to our toddler collection. Crafted from a cozy tri-blend grey body with navy sleeves, this baseball tee features eye-catching design elements that blend comfort and style effortlessly.

Our FLEX 2 Toddler Baseball Tee is made from a soft and breathable tri-blend material, providing maximum comfort for your active toddler. The grey body with navy sleeves adds a sporty and modern touch to the design. The front of the tee showcases "FAMRICH" printed in crisp white lettering. This bold and stylish print adds a unique and energetic look to the tee, allowing your toddler to express their individuality.

On the top back of the tee, you'll find the FR Family Rich logo. This logo represents a sense of belonging and unity, adding a meaningful touch to the tee. The baseball tee is designed for a comfortable and relaxed fit, allowing your toddler to move freely during playtime.

The Family Rich FLEX 2 Toddler Baseball Tee is designed to provide your toddler with both comfort and style. The "FAMRICH" print on the front encourages your child to embrace the values of family and richness in life experiences. Meanwhile, the FR Family Rich logo on the back signifies a sense of belonging and unity, reinforcing the importance of togetherness.

This tee is perfect for your toddler's active lifestyle, whether they're playing in the park, attending family gatherings, or simply having fun at home. It's a statement piece that combines comfort, style, and meaning, allowing your child to express themselves and embody the values that matter most.

Let your toddler embrace the essence of family and richness with the FLEX 2 Toddler Baseball Tee, designed to keep them comfortable and stylish while making a statement about what truly matters in life.